Top 5 Hair Loss Symptoms Explained by ExpertHairTransplant

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Top 5 Hair Loss Symptoms Explained by ExpertHairTransplant

Your actively growing hair at any given time will be about 90 percent while the other 10 percent in the dormant phase. After the dormant phase, few people’s hair that has fallen will begin growing with new follicles. Losing your hair is different from shedding your hair. In a hair loss when a hair falls out it doesn’t grow back. Shedding your hairs may occur due to stressful events, childbirth, a breakup or divorce or during times of grief.

Few causes of hair loss can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, due to medications or any other medical condition. And anyone can experience hair loss – men, women or even children. And the worst thing about hair fall is you cannot really predict when it happens to you. It’s not always because of old age; there are several other factors also that affect a hair loss.

Signs of hair loss and hair loss conditions differ between men and women. Most of the time, there are no other symptoms other than the physical loss of hair, so it’s necessary to take a good look in the mirror and look out for early signs of hair loss before it gets out of hand.

The Top 5 Hair Loss symptoms explained by ExpertHairTransplant that can cause hair loss are as follows:

  • Hormonal changes.Temporary hair loss can occur due to Hormonal changes. Hormone levels change due to pregnancy, childbirth or the onset of menopause or affected by the thyroid gland, so thyroid problems may cause hair loss.
  • Patchy hair loss.Sudden hair loss may occur when the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles leaving smooth, roundish bald patches on the skin.
  • Scalp infections. Sometimes your hair and skin infections such as ringworm can lead to scaly patches and hair loss. Hair grows back once the infection is treated.
  • Other skin disorders.Scarring alopecia is a disease that may result in permanent hair loss at the scarred areas. Lichen planus and some types of lupus or sarcoidosis also result in hair loss.
  • Hair-pulling disorder.This condition, also called trichotillomania (trik-o-til-o-MAY-nee-uh), causes people to have an irresistible urge to pull out their hair, whether it’s from the scalp, the eyebrows or other areas of the body. Do not pull your hair with excessive hairstyling or hairstyles that pull your hair tight, such as pigtails or cornrows, can cause traction alopecia.

Appearance is everything for an Individual.  And if you are facing any hair loss problem then hair transplant should be your first choice as hair restoration clinic in Turkey provides you with the advanced state of art techniques to restore your hairs permanently.

A hair transplant also called hair restoration procedure restores hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas.

Hair transplant is a procedure in which a surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head. The dermatological surgeon usually moves hair from the back of your head or from side of the head to the front or top of the head. The Hair restoration clinic in Turkey provides you the hair transplantations that typically occur in a highly sophisticated medical clinic under local anesthesia.

When you are choosing a Hair Restoration clinic, you must check Expert hair Transplant’s Best hair restoration clinic turkey.

experthairtransplantTop 5 Hair Loss Symptoms Explained by ExpertHairTransplant
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How to Get Rid of Your Hair Loss?

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How to Get Rid of Your Hair Loss?

Hair is an important part of a person’s personality. While a few hairs fall a day is considered normal hair loss but if your fine hairline starts receding then you need to treat your baldness or hair loss as early as possible. These days hair loss has become common with both men as well as women.

The good news is you can regrow your beautiful mane. Don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you your hair is too far gone to save it. The surgeons at Hair Transplant clinic in Turkey says that no matter what stage of balding you’re at it’s still possible to regrow your hair naturally or by using other hair loss treatments.

There could be hair loss from many parts of the body like head, beard, eyebrow, and mustache. But losing your hair from your head may lower your confidence. There various reasons for hair loss may be like hormonal changes, medical conditions, genetics or even certain hair care products.

Prevention of Hair Loss:

Following the below tips you can reduce your hair loss or prevent it completely. These include:

Eating a diet that is balanced and contains sufficient amount of protein. Try adding vitamins and minerals found in food which are associated with healthy hair like Iron-rich foods, including lean beef, beans, green leafy vegetables, iron-fortified grains, and eggs, flax seeds, egg yolks, hemp seeds, lean meats, seafood, and walnuts. Last but not least, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

Ensuring that you do not wash, dry or comb them in a rough manner treat your hair with gentle hands. Use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type and comb with a wide-toothed comb.

Try to avoid tight hairstyles, which pull at the hair or general pulling of the hair. While using curling or straightening irons once in a while is fine, try to ensure that you do not use them on a regular basis. Even if you are using a hair dryer trying to use a lower setting or at a gentler heat.

Still, if you see you are unable to prevent your hair loss then you can go for hair restoration procedures like hair transplantation.

There are two most popular hair transplantation procedures called as – Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUE) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT).

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT): FUT is the more “classic” method. It involves removing some skin from the back of your scalp, where there is an abundance of hair, and reinserting the hair follicles into the part of the scalp where you are experiencing hair loss.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE): In FUE, hair follicles are removed directly from the scalp and transplanted to the bald parts of the scalp.

The most popular & advanced hair loss treatment technique is FUE hair transplant. Both male and female pattern baldness can be treatments at our FUE hair transplant clinic in Turkey. A hair transplant changes your hairline and your looks. It’s about confidence, vigor, and the whole package. Not just looking younger, but feeling a whole new lease of life.

Hair Transplant clinic in Turkey assures you the FUE hair transplant in Turkey. And you will get high-quality FUE hair transplant. In FUE method follicular unit are grafted to achieve the maximum benefit from the transplanted hair.

The Good News has Transplanted Hairs grow for a LIFETIME!

experthairtransplantHow to Get Rid of Your Hair Loss?
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How to Prevent Women Hair Loss – Guide By ExpertHairTransplant

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A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. An average female spends lot of money and time on maintenance of it in her lifetime – it’s not usually something they easily part with.

If women hair begins to fall out, it can be absolutely devastating with many experiencing an effect on their self-esteem as well as depression in some cases.

One among four women will experience hair loss, but there’s a huge difference in the extent and reasoning behind it. Contributing to many factors of hair loss in women the prevention might be to provide a number of pharmaceutical products to suit each individual female hair loss and offer a range of additional hair growth boosters to improve results. But the results may not be so overwhelming to get natural looking hairs or restore growth of hair.

Women’s hair loss can be more complicated than men’s, but there is only one clinically proven treatment that can help most hair loss conditions in women that is Female Hair Transplants. Women suffering with hair loss require a different approach than men when considering hair restoration.

But such worries are now part of history; as women hair transplant in Turkey is equipped with the most advanced devices and specialize in hair restoration under the supervision of a complete medical staff, to help the women patients understand their conditions and the way it will be cured.

Women hair transplant in Turkey’s hair loss specialists will additionally offer lifestyle and nutritional advice that will help to strengthen your hair and improve its density.

What actually distinguishes Expert Hair Transplant in Turkey in the field of hair transplant for women is that they understand the diversity of conditions and how each one is distinctive and sensitive by itself, because Expert Hair Transplant in Turkey are interested in following different approach for each woman, depending on how anabasis the case is.

Basically Expert Hair Transplant in Turkey use the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique which is known to be the most advanced of its kind. The treatment utilizes the women patient’s own natural hair to renew areas of hair thinning and restore density.

The hair transplant techniques that are adopted by Expert Hair Transplant in Turkey are designed to be lasting solutions for hair loss. It’s safe, doesn’t leave any scars or sutures and guarantees natural and fast results.

experthairtransplantHow to Prevent Women Hair Loss – Guide By ExpertHairTransplant
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How to Prevent Men Hair Loss – Guide By ExpertHairTransplant

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Hair loss and the battle to prevent it are as old as history itself. For many years until now, man has sought ways to prevent hair loss and reverse hair loss when it has already occurred. Accordingly history has shown this to be a losing battle, until the past twenty years.

To hide their thinning hair, people may start letting the rest of their hair grow longer, wear hats, wigs etc. But what many women and men don’t know is that stressful lifestyles and illness, is the main cause of hair loss. Also you need to keep in mind that any medication will only help reduce, or delay, the effects of hair loss, but no medication will restore or re-grow your lost hair.

In 1553 BC the oldest known hair loss prevention remedy was recorded by the Egyptians. The remedy called for ingredients such as honey, iron oxide, red lead, snake fat, lion fat, crocodile and hippopotamus fat, onions, and alabaster. Among the medical treatments found in the oldest known recorded medical journal shows that hair loss was a problem worth writing about since the earliest days of civilized man.

Do you need hair transplant, and will it be the best solution for you?

Well, these days surgical hair transplant is the only solution available for baldness. Choosing the right hair transplant clinic in Turkey can not only prevent further hair loss, but regrow hair for many men and women who have experienced baldness.

You can view hundreds of success stories to see the kind of results that can be experienced for your individual hair baldness pattern and stage of hair loss only at Expert Hair Transplant  in Turkey. Results are as good as your natural hair.

The most modern and sophisticated hair transplant techniques that have evolved over time called as FUE & FUT can get you back to looking and feeling the way you used to – or even better.

A hair transplant is a lifelong investment; it doesn’t just change your hairline and your look. It’s about confidence, vigor, and the whole package. Not just looking younger, but feeling a whole new lease of life.

The Good News is Transplanted Hairs grow for a LIFETIME!

If you are already experiencing baldness to prevent further hair loss consider a hair transplant. The Hair Transplant Turkey team will be able to provide the most effective and suitable treatment for you.

experthairtransplantHow to Prevent Men Hair Loss – Guide By ExpertHairTransplant
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How Beard Transplant Surgeons Can Help You with Hair Restoration & Recovery

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Beard Transplant is a facial hair transplant which comes under cosmetic surgery operation. Turkey’s beard transplant surgeons can help you with hair restoration & recovery to parts of your face where facial hair growth has slowed down or stopped.

Facial hair loss in men is due to genetics or as a result of prior laser hair removal which they regret later. Some other common causes of facial hair loss include burns, injuries, surgery or electrolysis.

Turkey’s beard transplant surgeons can help you with hair restoration & recovery with FUE ( Follicle Unit Extraction) procedure that reconstructs a new beard, or enhances an existing beard – for these reconstructive beard surgeries, the surgeon transplants scalp hair to these recipient areas.

A lot of men choose FUE procedure at Turkey’s beard transplant clinic. Turkey’s beard transplant surgeons recreate the beard in a natural contour, orientation and with increased density. This hair transplant procedure can also be performed on cheeks and sideburns.

Turkey beard transplant clinic is the best hair restoration clinic. They conventionally practices highly sophisticated surgical methods consisting of a strip comprising of the upper layer of the skin, which is cut out from the back of the head or from sides of the head which has good hairs (known as the strip method). Individual hairs are then removed and implanted onto the bread area where you need hairs to be grown.

Expert Hair Transplant performs mustache or beard transplant on regions where no hair is present or in places where hair growth isn’t adequate. They say some patients require more hair restoration than others. It’s about adding a fuller facial hair in general. Men need nearly between 650 to 2000 grafts in order to restore fullness to their bread.

Beard restoration surgery can completely alter the appearance of your face, giving it a more contoured line and a fuller, more neatly shaved look.

Beard transplantation usually gives very satisfying results.

experthairtransplantHow Beard Transplant Surgeons Can Help You with Hair Restoration & Recovery
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What is Beard Transplant?

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What is Beard Transplant?

For some men a thick beard is a symbol of manhood and strength, while for others it may be a mandatory requirement in their religion. It is also a fashion among many young men to have beard.

Even though a person may take good care of their appearance and consume a healthy diet, beard baldness can be an issue. Beard baldness or fewer hairs on your beard could be down to genetic hair growth patterns, or even as a result of damage.

And the simple solution to this problem can be beard transplant surgery that alleviates bald patches, creating a full healthy beard or even a well-shaped goatee.

Thickening up facial hair with a beard transplant is a popular procedure that can work wonders. Transplanting facial hair makes it possible to grow and maintain sideburns and a grooming beard giving a very masculine appearance.

FUE Beard Transplant treatment procedure is available at Expert Hair Transplant in turkey.

How Does Beard Transplant Work?

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) methodology, as utilized for hair transplants, is also used in Beard Transplants. FUE Beard Transplant technique is a non-invasive method used to reestablish hair thickness. This technique can take in the between three and nine hours depending upon the range treated and number of follicles required. For e.g. some men may require up to 1,500 follicles for a goatee, while a full facial hair transplant may require much more.

A FUE Beard Transplant is a one day outpatient surgery at Expert Hair Transplant and allows minimal downtime post-surgery. A Donor Area from the lower back of the scalp is used which has thick and good hairs and then every hair follicle is taken out from the donor area in turn. The surgeon utilizes “punches” to trim in and around the follicle.

Depending on the number of the follicles required the width of these punches is decided. The better the hair the smaller the ‘punch’. The beard transplant clinic in turkey prescribes medication for the healing of the donor area.

Beard restoration surgery can completely alter the appearance of your face, giving it a more contoured line and a fuller, more neatly shaved look.

Beard transplantation gives appearance change and very good results

experthairtransplantWhat is Beard Transplant?
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Life changing results

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Expert Hair Transplant provides the most natural looking hair transplant results thanks to the highest level of medical and artistic skills. Such levels of skills can only be acquired by years of experience and thousands of hair transplant interventions. . We believe our work speaks for itself. And We make sure that we provide our patients with the life changing results that they hoped for.

experthairtransplantLife changing results
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World class service/reputation

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When conversations on the Internet surface, posing the question, “Who’s the Turkey’s best hair transplant hospital?” — we’re confident that our clinic is mentioned in nearly every single one of those conversations. But don’t just take our word for it, perform your own due diligence and do your own research and you’ll quickly see that Expert Hair Transplant is one of the most talked about hair transplant clinics in the entire world.

experthairtransplantWorld class service/reputation
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The only university hospital in turkey performing hair transplant

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Expert Hair Transplant is the only center in Turkey where hair transplant operations are conducted under the full supervision of a plastic surgeon, is a university hospital. In a time where there is increasing growth of commercial centers, it is important to understand the significance of having your operation in university hospital that respects all the international medical and professional standards required to give the patient the best result possible in the best conditions possible.

experthairtransplantThe only university hospital in turkey performing hair transplant
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Facial Hair Transplant

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Facial hair transplantation is a commonly performed surgical procedure designed to transplant scalp hair to facial regions lacking density and fullness. Our offices specializes in FUE surgery, but we also perform linear strip surgery. The more modern hair restoration procedure to harvest follicles for facial hair transplantation is the FUE technique. With the FUE procedure the follicular grafts are harvested from the posterior or back portion of the scalp similar to traditional hair transplant procedures. The new hair grafts are then re-implanted in the facial regions requiring greater facial hair density.


The new facial hair typically grows like normal facial hair. The texture and other characteristics of the hair follicle harvested from the scalp, once grown back can be groomed, shaved or allowed to grow to any length similar to the original or native facial hair follicle. Once transplanted the new facial hairs are permanent and difficult to tell apart from the original hair.

To ensure natural appearing facial hair, careful placement of the grafts at the correct angle and proper direction is required. For optimal graft survival after donor harvesting, careful handling of the grafts are essential. At Orange County Hair Restoration, our office uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Hypothermosol, and the Cole Chiller device to reduce ischemia reperfusion injury and increases the survival of the hair grafts after surgery.


The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with an oral sedative. The procedure roughly takes 2 to 5 hours depending on the number of grafts harvested. The first few days after the procedure result in tiny crusts forming around each transplanted hair. Typically by the second day, patients are able to travel home and resume non-strenuous activities. The transplanted hairs will begin to fall out at around 4 weeks, and then start to regrow at 3-4 months.


There are few risks with the procedure, and most are those associated with standard hair transplants. Depending upon the surgical technique selected by the patient, linear donor scarring may occur with the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), commonly referred to as the Strip technique. If a patient selects the FUE technique using the NeoGraft or Safe System there may be 1mm hypopigmented areas in the donor site that is seen if the hair is shaved.



experthairtransplantFacial Hair Transplant
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