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Over the past years, we saw a significant increase around the world for Beard Restoration specifically. Beard transplants, just as goatee, mustache, sideburn or eyebrow transplants, are specialists’ procedures, with outcomes highly dependent on the surgeon’s skills.

Beard-Transplantation-Services-TurkeyWe at Expert Hair Transplant understand that Beard hair loss can cause immense personal, social, cultural, and professional anxiety. Our Clinics for Beard Transplantation in Turkey is one of the Best Clinics for Beard Transplantation Services Turkey and a highly esteemed Beard hair loss treatment center.

Expert hair Transplant’s FUE Beard Transplantation Services in Turkey has successfully delivered beard hair transplant surgery to a discerning number of clientele. The FUE Beard Transplant treatment procedure available at our clinic is used to create your ideal beard shape, thicker facial hair and most
importantly permanent results.

An increasing number of patients are seeking hair transplants to combat beard Hair loss. Each member of our Expert Beard Transplantation team in Turkey is committed to helping every patient feel welcome, at-home, and comfortable with diagnosis and treatment. We believe in our patient’s safety, comfort, and natural new beard as our top priorities.

The outcome and quality of the results for beard transplantation depend on the skills experience and knowledge of the transplant surgeon and his medical tea. We believe that Expert hair Transplant in is among the leading Beard Transplantation clinics in Turkey who is constantly doing research and staying
up to date with the latest developments in science and innovation.

How FUE Beard Transplant Services Procedure Works?

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, as used for hair transplants, is also utilized in Beard. Clinics for Expert Hair Transplant is the Best Clinic for Beard Transplant Services in Turkey and use a minimally invasive procedure to restore hair density on different areas of the face. The procedure can
take between three and seven hours depending on the area treated and amount of hair required.

For a Beard Transplant the Surgeon will diagnose the ‘stable zone area’ at the back of the head which is used as the donor area for the beard.

An FUE Beard Transplant is a walk-in walk-out procedure performed under local anesthetic thus reducing significantly the post-op downtime. With utmost care each hair follicle is taken out from the donor area one at a time using ‘punches’ to cut in and around the follicle.

Anatomy of the Beard Transplantation in Turkey:

We at Expert Hair Transplant need to understand the anatomy of your beard before you decide to undergo a beard transplant. As a next step the face is divided into two sections – the lateral and the frontal. The lateral part will include the sideburns, the cheeks and the jaw line. In the frontal part, it will
be the moustache and the goatee, along with the chin and lowest part of the jaw line.

The surgeon performing the Beard Transplantation procedure will need to keep in mind that the hair in the beard and moustache are often of a different density. The number of grafts required will also vary from person to person.

Expert Hair Transplant is home to Turkey’s top hair transplant surgeons, doctors, nurses, and staff. Beard We are pleased to offer only the safest and most advanced methods of bread hair loss diagnosis and treatment.

To learn more about our Beard Transplant Services in Turkey, you are invited to call our office directly at or message via Whatsapp: +90 530 133 80 70 or email us at [email protected]

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