Post FUE recovery

After a transplantation operation the hair follicles go through several phases before finally reaching the desired results. The final results of hair transplantation can only become clear after at least one year. Below is a roadmap that will help you understand each recovery phase and what to expect from it.

Week 1 ( days 1 to 7)

In the first days that follow the operation you can expect some swelling in the forehead area.

It generally starts on the second or third day after the operation and disappears by day six. In addition, the patient may experience some small blood clots in the incision areas which usually fall off by the end of the first week. The redness would usually disappear after the first week but the recipient sites might have a slightly pinkish color for the next few weeks.

Days 10 to 14

During this period you will most likely begin to experience some shedding of the transplanted hairs. This is very normal and it’s part of the recovery process. This happens due to the temporary dormant phase that all hair grafts go through after any hair restoration procedure.

Months 2-3

Over this period of time the patient usually can expect to see a few new hair sprouts coming out of the scalp. This growth period is different from one patient to another but the in the average patient it takes three months. The new hair may be thin and growing unevenly but that is just a matter of time before it eventually grows normally. Also, many patients notice the formation of an acne-like condition in the recipient area. This is a positive sign of new growth. It means that some hairs are trying to make their way out through the scalp and get temporarily trapped similar to an ingrown hair.

Months 5-6

Starting the fifth or sixth month after the surgery patients start to see some significant new hair growth. The new hairs will approximately be five centimetres long and the hair shaft begins to thicken.

Months 8 to 10

This period is probably where the patient will see the most pleasing difference since the procedure. There is significant growth during this time and the hair will be getting much longer and thicker which reflects very positively on the overall appearance.

One Year After the Procedure

By this time it has been a year since the procedure and most patients would see their final result now. However, some new growth could continue to take place even after the one year.

Your transplanted hair is now well settled in its new site and will continue to grow for the rest of your life. You may style it however you wish. There is no special treatment or care at this point, you may treat the new hair as you have never undergone a hair transplant procedure. Normal shampoos and hair dying products are perfectly safe to use.

Note: For people (especially men) who suffered from  advanced  balding (norwood 6-7) you may now starting the end of the first year have  a second hair transplantation session if you wish to increase density.

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