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Do you have a large forehead relative to the rest of your face then you might feel like your forehead is too large, or your hairline too high? A prominent forehead can look out of proportion and change the balance of the facial features.

The Expert hair Transplant’s Forehead Reduction in Turkey can correct through hair transplantation known as hairline lowering or forehead reduction, a procedure to bring the  hairline lower onto the forehead.

The Forehead Reduction Services in Turkey uses a very unique procedure called FUE hair transplantation designed to lower the hairline and reduce the size of the forehead.

A high hairline or large forehead can be a result of many factors. Often times, it is genetic or just the natural position where their hairline starts. Other factors include certain hairstyling that has pulled the hairline back, prior surgeries, or even hair loss. This high hairline can cause one to be self-conscious of their appearance and even change their hairstyle to disguise their forehead.

Many patients prefer to visit/consult Forehead Reduction Clinics in Turkey to know about this life changing option which is very unique and specialized.

Expert hair Transplant has one of those few surgeons around the world who are highly trained and skilled in this exact procedure and has treated many patients who have traveled from around the globe. As one of the very few surgeons that perform this surgery, Best Forehead Reduction Clinics Turkey provides you with the novel perspective that results are in the most natural appearing looks.

Expert hair Transplant’s Best Forehead Reduction Clinics Turkey exclusively performs it on Individuals where the high forehead can be shortened by as much as possible.

Expert Hair Transplant, Turkey sees to that the forehead is the area between the hairlines (above), the brow ridges (Below) and temple ridges on either side. It thus stands to reason that lowering the hairline with Forehead Reduction Services Turkey would reduce the appearance of a large forehead.

Hairline lowering surgery, also known as forehead reduction gives you the most realistic expectation you can have from this procedure only at Expert Hair Transplant.

The technique used at Forehead Reduction in Turkey involves grafting hair in front of the hairline. It is, at times, used as an independent technique to reduce the forehead. This is done by increasing layers of hair above the natural hairline. This method is non-surgical in nature.

Therefore, patients with high forehead can benefit from forehead shortening and can be offered a forehead reduction/hairline advancement procedure.

Forehead Reduction Surgery also Called Hairline Lowering Compared to Hairline Hair Transplantation for Forehead Size Reduction

Forehead reduction surgery would lead to the creation of a visible linear scar in the hairline margins. The scar can widen and become problematic cosmetically.

Compared to a Expert Hair Transplant Turkey’s hairline transplant, hairline lowering surgeries which are:-

  • More invasive
  • Significant downtime and recovery period

Expert Hair Transplant Turkey’s Hair transplantation benefits over forehead reduction surgery with cost, advanced surgery options, ease of accomplishing superb results and minimal downtime in healing.

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