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Non-routines lifestyle, heavy workload, stress and irregular sleeping patterns are some of the indirect habits most of us live with, which leads to unnatural or extensive hair loss. Unnatural loss of hair could not only be disheartening and humiliating but also brings down the confidence in you.

Treat hair loss and enjoy natural results with an advanced FUE hair transplant from

the Best Hair Transplant in Istanbul.

Hair transplant in Istanbul is gaining popularity because of the quality of work most surgeons are able to produce. This not only attracts hair loss sufferers in the Turkey, but thousands of foreigners come as well. Hair transplant in Istanbul has become very popular in recent years, partly driven by improvements in outcomes and partly because of increased awareness about the safety of the surgery.

At Expert Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul we have all the modern and advanced facilities which help in delivering best results at an affordable cost. Istanbul is regarded as the best place in the world in terms of quality and price to get hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant is a common name. The medical terminology is Micro Follicular grafting which a day care procedure is done under local anesthesia. Duration approx: 4-6 hrs.

Technique involves harvesting the graft from the donor area, usually back side of the head and implanting in the bald area. After Implantation the graft will fall-off in 15-20 days and re-grow in 4-6 months. But complete results will be seen within 8-12 months.

You will be provided with complete care from initial consultation till complete procedure. At Best Hair Transplant in Istanbul you will be provided with the best possible care for your hairs.

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) – Non-Stitch Method

FUE (FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION): Expert Hair Transplant in Istanbul is a renowned FUE hair transplant center in Turkey and the world. Follicular unit extraction method involves no stitches. An advantage of FUE is there will be no linear scars and a very short downtime.

Growing hair is not the only thing that is important; one should also understand the outcome of the hair transplantation. The grown hair should look good and feel natural which is only possible by the Expert surgeons.  The latest trend for those who want to acquire an attractive look or alter their hairline for a different look, Hair Transplant is the answer. Therefore Hair transplant seekers are now travelling to Istanbul to get the best hair restoration treatment.

Below are the various factors that can be considered for hair transplant at the Expert Hair Transplant in Istanbul:

  1. International Accreditations.
  2. Most advanced technique used for Hair Transplant.
  3. Highly experienced medical teams.
  4. Less damage vs. great outcomes.
  5. With sustainable hair roots, highest grade of baldness can be covered.
  6. Modular university hospital with the advanced facilities.

The results of hair transplantation are unimaginable and individuals are happy of what they have achieved through their hair transplantation surgeries. Book a consultation today!

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