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Hairline Lowering Without Surgery Turkey, Lowering Hairline Without Surgery TurkeyYour face or your looks will not be proportional if you have a high or excessively large forehead and this belief keeps you from having a the self-confidence you would otherwise have about your looks or presentation among family, friends, society etc.

Due to several reasons including genetic factors, hair loss or by cause of a prior surgery such as a coronal brow lift or rarely an endoscopic brow lift,  you may get an excessively high forehead.

When a person has a high hairline or excessively high forehead he becomes limited by his self consciousness and restrict himself to the number of hairstyles which you can wear to help mask/cover your large forehead.


Lowering the Hairline without Surgery with Expert Hair Transplant’s Hairline-  Lowering Without Surgery in Turkey.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For Hairline Lowering?

  • Both women and may be  candidates for hairline lowering.
  • A high hairline and large forehead in Female/Women.
  • Good hair in the donor area at the back of the scalp
  • Thick hairline and do not have any history of hair loss which is usually seen in Male candidates can also become ideal candidates.
  • Individuals with flexible forehead skin.

Expert Hair Transplant has the World’s Leading Hair Replacement Specialists who provide Lowering Hairline without Surgery in Turkey.

We Expert Hair Transplant, Female/Women Hairline Lowering without Surgery and Male/Men Hairline Lowering without Surgery are extremely proud of our abilities to truly transform lives and restore confidence in individuals that are affected by high or excessively large forehead may be due to hair loss or due to genetics.

Hairline Lowering without Surgery at Expert Hair Transplant Turkey is the specialist in FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction procedure and they could sort your problem out without surgery both in men and women.

Expert hair Transplant surgeons and medical staff have extensive knowledge  of the theories behind hairline patterns, scalp flexibility characteristics, hair direction and hair flow, along with a unique understanding of the intricacies of natural-looking hairline design.

These investigational characteristics of Female/Women Hairline Lowering without Surgery and Male/Men Hairline Lowering without Surgery combine our consultants to provide you with an innate eye for determining the most appropriate treatment for each our client’s individual situation so that he/she can have natural, lasting results.

expert hair transplantThe doctors at Expert Hair Transplant performing hairline lowering without surgery are professional investors who hold many years of experience. The university hospital in turkey is the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Turkey performing hair transplant with utmost care and best results. Expert hair Transplant brings vast experience and professional expertise to hair restoration. They specialize in FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction procedure to reduce the hairline both in men and women.

Hairline lowering in men is unique because of the important and unknown stability of the male frontal hairline. The patients have to be selected carefully based on their hairline pattern, density, age and genetics.

Our surgeons are among the most proficient surgeons proficient in Lowering Hairline without Surgery in Turkey. In the offering they have done numerous male procedures that involve an incision along the frontal hairline (hairline lowering, pretrichial brow lifts and brow bone reductions). You will always be impressed with how well the scar usually does despite which is always a concern among the FUE patients.

Interestingly, recent published research has shown that the hairline incision in women seems to preserve hairline stability. The same is true in men, It is speculative but not necessarily proven. The amount that the hairline can be moved forward depends on the natural stretch of one’s scalp and the technique used to do it. While there is no question a tissue expander always ensures the maximum amount of hairline advancement, most patients do not want that two-step process.

Expert Hair Transplant is home to Turkey’s top hair transplant surgeons, doctors, nurses, and staff. We are pleased to offer only the safest and most advanced methods of Lowering Hairline without Surgery in Turkey.

To learn more about our Lowering Hairline without Surgery in Turkey, you are invited to call our office directly at or message via Whatsapp: +90 530 133 80 70 or email us at [email protected]

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